About Mappler

What is Mappler?

Mappler Technology allows you to easily create your own web/mobile-based mapping application to better visualize points of interest to meet your project needs. Mappler is a web-based interface that uses interactive mapping to visually display information. Mappler Mobile is a mobile-based data collection tool that supplements Mappler by offering real-time data collection uploaded directly from your Smartphone to your Mappler web-based site.  Mappler X is the newest generation of the Mappler products. Mappler x uses ArcMap project files to generate map layers on web-readable maps via Mappler X interface.

Data Collection Solutions

With Mappler Mobile, data collection and uploading is accomplished directly from the field on your Smartphone device. You can leave your pen and paper at home.

Mappler and Mappler Mobile can be used separately or in conjunction with each other and neither require software downloads to develop, manage or view content. VERTICES will customize your Mappler site to include information layers, parcel maps, and other creative features.

Visualize & Customize

  • Develop and manage an interactive map and mobile data-collection app for your business or organization
  • Display pre-existing data on an interactive map and upload real-time data directly from your Smartphone
  • Add text, file attachments, photos, videos, audio and more to your map points
  • Customize the way that your data displays
  • Share your interactive map with colleagues and clients via the internet